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The first state-licensed dog daycare in Freeport! 

Freeport's Premier Dog Daycare

Welcome to Brooke's Barks & Recreation

The area's only daycare and training facility owned and operated by a professional dog trainer and unconditional dog lover!

Welcome to a new way for dogs to experience daycare! Here at Brooke's Barks & Rec we take pride in helping to engage our Pup Scouts’ minds, as well as providing a safe place to release pent up energy. Brooke's Barks & Rec is the only daycare in the area that incorporates enrichment activities into our pup scouts’ daily routine and we’re also the only daycare in the Freeport area to be certified by Dog Gurus, the #1 nationally recognized pet care business organization*.  Our staff all have at least 200 hours of dog daycare training, ensuring the safest environment for your furry pal as well as real dayCARE, not just a dog babysitting service.


*Read more about the Dog Gurus at 

Our Services

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Our training is based on animal psychology, physiology, and behavior. We offer purely positive reinforcement training sessions to help you better understand your pup and create a more powerful bond. 


Mr. Bean's Biscuit Bar

Visit our biscuit bar! Your pup can enjoy locally made treats by the pound. Favorite brand or flavor? Let us know and we’ll look into it!


Dog Daycare

Our off-leash play groups are the perfect solution to combat the quarantine blues. Your pups will have a blast running around with their best fur friends!



Sign your pup up for extracurricular activities designed to help engage your pup’s mind, build confidence, and provide an alternative energy release.


Canine Pool

Take a dip in our full-sized indoor pool, exclusively built for our pups.  Not only lots of fun for most dogs, but also great exercise for pups recovering from an injury or surgery.



Learn about the staff that makes Brooke's Barks & Recreation top notch. 


Treat Bar is OPEN!