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Training a Puppy

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Positive, Rewarding Experience

Each session with Brooke will be positive and rewarding for both your dog and yourself. These sessions are geared towards the communication and relationship between the owner and dog. 

A Scientific Approach

My training style is based on the latest in animal research. Adhering to CPDT and IAABC guidelines, my training approach takes the entire well being of the dog in mind, while increasing the human-canine connection. 

Customized ​Sessions

Each session is tailored to fit your and your dog's needs. No cookie cutter approach here.  We work hard to make sure each session is personalized to work with your schedule and home life. 

Virtual or In Home 

All of my training services are offered online or in-person. 
In home sessions are limited to the Freeport, Illinois area. 

Animal Rescue and Care

Training Services

Basic Obedience 

My basic obedience packages help set you and your pup up to succeed. Scheduled around your own time and within the comfort of your home. Get professional training services tailored to your family's needs. 

Behavioral Modification

My behavioral modification sessions help you to better understand the issues your pup is having. Get help with problematic behaviors and find a way to better understand your pup.  

Day Stay Training

Drop them off and have them spend all day with a professional trainer. They work while you work then pick them up at night.  Your pup is the only student for the day!

Service Dog Training

Service dogs help their owners in almost every aspect of life. BBR understand this and helps bridge the gap between the cost of a program dog and owner training. BBR training can provide owner trainers with information, training assistance, and  public assess testing.

Get to know your trainer!

Happy Dog


Outstanding personal attention with a focus on safety, mental stimulation, and FUN for fur kids!

Marilyn Smit, Freeport

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