Pool House
Closed for Season
We will reopen in 2023 when the weather is warmer.

Canine Pool 

Fully enclosed and exclusively for dogs!

Break out your swimsuit and come swim with your best fur friend! Forget running...swimming is the perfect year-round, low-impact, high-cardio exercise for your pup. Vets love hydro therapy too, as it’s a perfect solution for dogs recovering from surgery or an injury.  ​Our full-sized pool is a perfect fit for both you and your pup.

We have everything you need to enjoy our extra large 12X24 indoor pool with your pup. Our greenhouse converted to a pool house is the perfect place to enjoy a private swim session.  We took extra care in creating a dog-safe environment. The green house shell provides natural heat during the early summer thru fall - the perfect place to enjoy a private swim session!  Our pool is lined with PVC fencing to help prevent nail accidents and our extra wide steps help guide your dog into and out of the water. All pool chemicals are checked regularly and the pool is cleaned after each use. Life vests, balls, and towels are provided, but feel free to bring your own.  A large tub and hot air dryer are available for you to give your pup a quick bath. Be sure to pack your pup's favorite shampoo!


Simply fill out this form to reserve your spot for a real splash of fun!


Free Swim  $25

Pool time with no trainer. Enjoy the privacy of our pool house with your pup to play, exercise, or do your own training.

Swim with Trainer $35

Pool time with trainer who will guide pups on and off stairs, play ball or other games with them, and supervise the session (can accommodate more than one pup).


Guided Exercise, Therapy Swims, and Swimming lessons $45

Trainer will assist your pup in all aspects of swimming as well as providing exercise. Dogs who are fearful of swimming or first-time swimmers can have a gentle, fear-free, one-on-one session with our trainer. We also assist pups who are recovering from an injury and have been cleared to start mild-moderate exercise (vet release required). They will be introduced to our pool and led around at a slow pace to help ensure a positive experience that will have them looking forward to their next swim! 

Each pool service is 45-minutes long, with 15-minutes for you to bathe and blow dry your pup after swimming. Please bring your own shampoo.


Treat Bar is OPEN!