We took the pledge! 

We are participating in Clean Hands, Open Doors pledge of Stephenson County, a voluntary pledge backed by The Greater Freeport Partnership and GoRockford.com 

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September 2020


Brooke's Barks & Recreation Clients;

     Participating in the Clean Hands, Open Doors pledge means we here at BBR are dedicated to providing a safe, sanitized environment for everyone's health. We agree to keep all our clients safe during these challenging times by adhering to all health and safety guidelines set forth by the Illinois Department of Health. All employees are required to wear a face mask, follow social distancing guidelines, wash and sanitize often, as well as complete quarterly training to stay up to date on the latest health and safety protocols. We also pledge to provide our staff with wellness checks to ensure all employees are healthy.

     Thank you to all who have made this pledge possible. We look forward to being able to serve you in the safest way possible.              


                                                       Brooke's Barks

                                                       & Recreation Staff

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