Meet The Bark Rangers

Brooke Baran, Owner & Trainer

Since childhood, Brooke has had a special connection with animals. As soon as she started college, she started working with dogs.


Volunteering for a vet clinic near her hometown in West Virginia, she was involved in a variety of canine and animal care techniques. This hands-on experience increased her knowledge of dog care and physiology. At college, she studied topics specific to the world of service dogs including Therapy Dogs, Mobility Assistance Service Dogs, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) Service Dogs. Between volunteering at the vet clinic and becoming a teaching assistant for Service Dog classes, Brooke has vastly expanded her knowledge of dogs and dog care. As a teaching assistant, she studied under two animal behaviorists and learned how to train dogs using animal psychology through positive reinforcement.


In 2016, she and her husband, Engin, moved to Illinois. She continued her dog training by setting up her own in-home training service, Paw-sitive Pup Tutoring while continuing to expand her training knowledge and working with a variety of dog behavior issues.  In 2018 started training alongside well-known local trainer and area native, Jan Carlson. After Jan retired, Brooke began working on her dream of owning her own canine center…and Brooke's Barks & Recreation was born.

Annie the Husky and Brooke Baran

Naomi Woosnam, Lead Bark Ranger

Naomi started her dog career in 2004 as a kennel assistant.  Always an avid learner, she took time to study dog language and behavior, reading many books written by positive dog trainers and behaviorists, especially Patricia McConnell.  In 2010, she took the opportunity to work for Jan Carlson at Carlson Canine Camp, where she expanded her canine social skills by working in dog daycare as well as in the kennels.  In 2020, her life journey took her to Brooke’s Barks and Recreation, where she now works as the lead Bark Ranger, dog daycare specialist and photographer.


An avid dog lover, she raised her dog Dani to be an intelligent, active problem solver.  Dani, BB&R’s first Branch Manager, has been Naomi’s teammate in dog agility, an obedience class star, and dog daycare co-worker.  They work as a team to help new dogs adjust to dog daycare, teach dogs daycare manners, and protect their charges from danger while still having fun.

Danika, Branch Manager

Dani has been working with dogs since the tender age of 11 months, when her mama Naomi started working at a local dog daycare and boarding facility. She learned how to comfort dogs who were timid, correct those who misbehaved, and the fine art of teaching new dogs all about daycare.  She and her mama honed their skills together for over ten and a half years before beginning their new adventure at Brooke’s Barks and Recreation.  Dani’s hard work has really paid off for her, as her new position came with a promotion to Branch Manager. This doesn’t mean, however, that Dani’s old skills will languish unused.  She continues to be a vital resource in welcoming and introducing new dogs to each other, as well as guarding and training her pack.