Positive Pups by Jan

Positive Pups Dog Training by Jan Carlson

Private Sessions

Jan offers training sessions in-home or here at BBR.

Call 815.232.2566 to schedule your private session.


Group Classes

Choose from 5 different 6 week positive reinforcement classes

  • Puppy Pre-school

  • Puppy Adolescence 

  • Beginning Obedience 

  • Intermediate Obedience

  • Therapy Dog Test Prep Course

Jan Carlson has been training in the area since 1994 and was the first to bring Positive Reinforcement training to the area. She was the founder of Carlson Canine Camp.

Positive Pups Dog Training by Jan offers in-home training, board & trains in Lena, & group and private sessions.


Class Information 

All new participants can enroll by calling 815.616.5561


Our class orientations are held during your first class.  Our 15 minute meeting covers class rules, training expectations,  and also lets you ask questions before we begin training. 


We require all pups visiting to be current on the following vaccinations:

Rabies, Distemper, and a 6-month Bordetella.

Since classes are held in a daycare facility, we require all clients to receive a Bordetella booster every SIX months. 

Required Training Gear

Gear to help you get the most out of your training experience:

-6 foot nylon leash, flat or braided

-Flat buckle or Martingale collar

(harnesses and gentle leaders allowed)

-Treat pouch filled with yummy treats

Although not required, a clicker is highly recommended for first time owners or owners who would like to be more precise in training. 

-Choke chains, slip leads, prong collars, and e-collars are not allowed in classes!-

Puppy Pre-school

8-16 week old puppies. A must do class if you can...

This is a basic "Get To Know Your New Friend" class. We work on preventing problems before they start, expectations of your puppy and how to develop a positive fun and lasting relationship with them. Only positive reinforcement methods are used. 

Start  your pooch off on the right paw and have fun doing it! 

Adolescent Puppy Class

16 weeks to 8 months 

Continue with having fun with your pooch while developing the best relationship possible. We deal with basic obedience and problem solving, introductions of how to walk nicely on a leash and possible some tricks and fun things to do at home to develop a  great relationship with your new friend. 

Beginning Obedience

8 months and older

We work on all obedience commands while having fun doing it. We address problem solving as well as any issues you may be having at home. Commands we introduce are: Sit, Down, Come, & Stay. Behavioral issues such as jumping and barking are also addressed. 

Intermediate Obedience

Dogs 1yr and older.

 Prerequisite=Beginning Obedience 

We will continue our positive reinforcement training by strengthening our commands and improving our relationship with our dogs. We will work on distraction training as well as work towards off leash commands. Our goal for the class is to get our dogs off leash while maintaining our communication. 

Therapy Dog Test Prep

Dogs 1yr and older

This class is designed to prepare you and your dog to take and pass the Therapy Dog International Test. Therapy dogs are able to visit nursing homes, hospitals, libraires, classrooms, and many other facilities. We will discuss all possibilities and what it takes to become a Therapy Dog. 

*Note this class is for potential Therapy Dogs. Therapy Dogs are not considered Service Dogs and cannot go into a public facility without a MOI on file for that facility. This class does not provide service dog training.*

Biscuit Bar

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