We designed and built our facility exclusively for our four-legged clientele. From the color scheme to the flooring, we made sure every aspect of Brooke's Barks & Recreation caters to dogs and the way they engage with the world. We do not have a breed ban. We accept all breeds and require a 2-step evaluation prior to acceptance. 


Our daycare area is equipped with all the essentials to make sure all pups who attend have a safe and rewarding experience. We spared no expense when it comes to the health and safety of our pup scouts. Our daycare has its own HVAC system as well as access to fresh water at all times. We also use a specialized system to help push "dirty" water out in a timely manner. We chose materials that are easily cleaned and sanitized to ensure maximum safety and help prevent contamination


Pups will have a blast in our indoor and outdoor off-leash play areas! They are separated by size and evaluated to ensure they are with a group that is appropriate for their canine personality. All pups relieve themselves outdoors, helping to reinforce your housetraining and keeping indoor play areas safe, hygienic, and tidy.  

We take every measure to ensure that your dogs will be under the watchful, loving, and protective eyes of our professionally trained Bark Rangers. We are proud to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the state and the IBPSA (International Boarding & Pet Services Association). We are also fully insured and licensed. Group sizes are limited to 15 pups per Bark Ranger. 


We know that your furry pals are more than “just pets” – they’re members of your family and while they’re with us, they’re our family too!


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Shannon, Golden Doodle 1.5 yrs

Carole Giambalvo

Our Doodle, Shannon, seems to think she can travel our neighborhood on her own. So we called Brooke's Barks & Recreation for help. Today Shannon had her 1st lesson of Stop and Wait. We will be practicing this new lesson all week. Call Brooke for whatever training your dog and you need to work on! You won't regret the call!!

Thank you Brooke

Many Dogs

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