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  • Do I need a consult?
    Yes. All clients must have a consult prior to receiving training services. This helps Brooke get a better understanding of the issues you are having and how she can best help you.
  • How much are your services?
    Our consults are always free. These help to determine which services you will benefit most from. After your consult you will receive a list of packages and pricing tailored to fit your needs. Reach out today to find out the best option for your family.
  • How to I book a session?
    Fill out our contact us form. Someone will get back to you soon!
  • Do you guarantee your training services?
    No. Professional and knowledgeable trainers can not guarantee a behavior or training outcome. It is unethical to ignore the impact that genetics, environment, health, and age that can impact behavior beyond our control.
  • What is your training philosophy?
    I use a reward-based, in-home system that promotes long-term obedience. I use positive reinforcements to avoid negative experiences that promote fear and stress, and instead, associate joy and promote wellbeing. I follow all protocols laid out by APDT, CPDT, IAABC, and AVSAB. I also do not use any adverse tools or methods, such as but not limited to; remote collars, shock or vibration collars, prong collars, and spray bottles.
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