Training at Brooke's Barks & Rec

BBR only offers reward based training. Rest assured that you are in excellent hands when it comes to learning how to train your pup and decipher their language. Our owner and trainer, Brooke Baran, is highly skilled in dog behavior and psychology and will help guide you through basic obedience commands, understand and address weird or unusual behaviors, and help with problematic behaviors.


Private Sessions

We offer FREE training consultations! Schedule a 15-min consult with our trainer any time to discuss the best training options for you and your pup.


Consults are offered via Phone, In-person, or Zoom


Enjoy 60 mins of undivided attention with your pup and our trainer at BBR or within the comfort of your home. 



Service Dog Training

We assist owner trainers with all aspects of Service Dog training. We help guide owner trainers through the training process and educate on current Service Dog training standards, as well as all applicable laws and regulations.  We also provide Public Access Testing*.  


Consults are required before training can occur.  

*Public Access Testing is done by International Assistance Dog standards. Testing is to provide feedback on the team in places where public accommodation is needed. Teams will not receive a certification or certificate from BBR, after testing. Public Access certifications or certificates are not required by the ADA, FHA, HUD, FAA, or DOJ. 


Get ready to experience a new way of dog training with our Levels-based class structure! 

Levels Dog Training Classes

Levels program on hold. Traditional 6-week classes available. Click here to learn more 

What are Levels?

Think of this like a yoga class or music lesson for training your pup: pay by the class and attend as many classes as you wish, at your pup's current level. You can also skip a week and attend the following week with no penalty for absence or loss of learning. Levels are designed to step up in complexity and you and your pup will stay in each Level until testing up to the next one. This class structure is more flexible than a traditional 6-week course and also allows pups to proceed at their own pace.

How does it work?

Pay by the class or purchase one of our membership packages. We have 4-day, 8-day, and 12-day packages with progressive discounts for the larger packages.  All participants start at level 1 and progress through the levels via testing. Each level focuses on set of lessons and commands and all classes at your pups’ present level and work on the same information. This way if you miss a class, you won’t miss out on any key topics. We will however spend more time on 3 select commands each class. Check the calendar for more information.  

1 Class Pass:  $20.00

8 Class Pass:  $140.00 ($17.50/class)

4 Class Pass:  $75.00 ($18.75/class)

12 Class Pass:  $180.00 ($15.00/class)


All new participants must register for our online orientation meeting. This 30-minute meeting covers class rules, required gear, explains our levels program, and also lets you ask questions about the Levels system. We offer these meetings once per week through Zoom and in person. If you choose our virtual orientation, we will email your meeting ID after successful registration. If you have a specific training question, please schedule a free 15-minute consult with our trainer.

How do you level up?

Progressing through the levels is an easy process. Complete each level at your own pace and test to the next level when you and your pup are ready. Test as many times as you would like. Once proficiency is shown you can attend the next level. You can also revisit lower levels if you ever need a refresher (repeating pre-school after aging out is not permitted).


We require all levels participants to current on the following vaccinations:

Rabies, Distemper, and a 6-month Bordetella.

Since we are a daycare facility, we require all clients to receive a Bordetella booster every SIX months. 


Pre-school (ages 9 weeks to 4 months)

            This is for youngsters who need some socialization and foundational training. Your pup will socialize with other pups while we discuss a variety of puppy training techniques such as potty training and crate training, as well as good and bad puppy behaviors. Your puppy can attend this class until they naturally age up to Level 1. You are also able to complete the American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification prior to leveling up.

Pre-school class goals:

  • Name recognition

  • Leash manners

  • Sit on command

  • Down on command


This class is the first step in our levels program. In this level you and your pup will focus on the following basic obedience commands: Sit, down, stay, come, and heel. We will also discuss different training techniques and common behavioral problems. Owners have the option to complete the Canine Good Citizenship Certification prior to leveling up.


To Level Up you and your pup must show proficiency with the following:

  • No undesired or excessive lunging or barking during class 

  • Sit, down, and stay on command

  • Come to the owner, sit, and allow leashing

  • Resist distractions from 15 feet away

  • Stay in a sit or down for 30 seconds

  • Walk on a loose leash

  • Walk on a loose leash past another team

  • Sit and down on the heel side

  • No jumping  up on any person during interaction

Level 1: Stepping Stones

Level 2: Manners Matter

This class is designed to help teach your pup some doggie manners. It is especially beneficial for excessive jumpers, chronic barkers, and escape artists. We will go over several different commands to help encourage healthier behaviors. In this level you and your pup will focus on the following obedience commands: wait, leave it, off/up, quiet/speak, place, and give. Owners have the option to complete the Canine Good Citizenship Certification prior to leveling up.

To Level Up you and your pup must show proficiency with the following:

  • Ability to wait at a threshold until owner crosses and calls the dog

  • Ability to leave a reward alone when told

  • No jumping onto an object (bed, chair, etc.)  unless told

  • No jumping  off of an object (bed, chair, etc.) unless told

  • Speak and quiet on command

  • Go to a mat on command and stay for 30 seconds

  • Hand over a toy on command

Level 3: Building Blocks

This class is designed to build on the commands learned from Levels 1 and 2. We will increase the difficulty as well as adding in games to help encourage your pup to learn. In this level you and your pup will focus on the following obedience commands:  loose leash heel, off-lead recall, emergency down/stay, and off-lead leave It. 

To Level Up you and your pup must show proficiency with the following:
-    Heel with leash draped over your shoulder
-    Heel past other teams
-    Recall with distractions 
-    Leave it with distractions
-    Stay with you 10 feet away
-    Down with you 10 feet away
-    Emergency down at 10 feet away
-    One-minute stand-stay 
-    Three-minute down-stay with distractions 

Level 4: Polishing Techniques 

          This class is not mandatory but highly recommended. We will build upon and refine the behaviors learned in levels 1, 2, and 3. We play games to help encourage pups to refine their newfound skills. In this Level you and your pup will utilize all of the commands learned from the prior Levels. There is no test required to pass this level and you can drop in at any time. Each class will play 2-3 games that will vary with each session. 

Coming Soon

Level 5: Therapy and Advanced Work

This class will help our future helper dogs prepare for the Therapy Dog International Test. Pups will be exposed to a variety of medical equipment and will learn the ins and outs of being a therapy dog. For successful completion you and your dog must pass or test through levels 1 and 2; testing through level 3 is recommended.  Completion does not qualify your dog for therapy dog work – you must both still pass the Therapy Dog International Test offered through a certified examiner who partners with Brooke’s Barks & Recreation for the test.

Coming Soon

Levels program on hold. Traditional 6-week classes available. Click here to learn more