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Dog Walk

Basic Obedience

I’d love to help create a great connection between you and your dog through manners and obedience. Imagine a happy, obedient dog around distractions. I will create a personally tailored training program which works best for your lifestyle, your dogs breed and their unique “canine-ality”. I offer flexible appointment times for private 1x1 lessons, this is where the magic happens! You will be working one on one with your dog and a professional trainer.

Behavior Modification

Behavioral training is designed for dogs that already have a basic understanding of obedience but are still struggling with behavioral challenges such as but not limited to:

• jumping on people            • destructive chewing           
• excessive barking              • soiling in the house           
• pulling on the leash           • generally aggressive towards people/or other dogs

Brooke works hard to address these issues through comprehensive training plans, video uploads, and weekly appointment check ins.   

Why Virtual Training?

Benefits of Online Dog Training

BBR Dog Training is now offering  online dog training sessions. 

Online dog training is great for all types of training such as; Group classes, Scent classes, Trick Dog classes, 1:1 Private Training and Behavioral consultations.

There are many benefits to online dog training:

Flexible Training Schedule:

  • Train from your own home and set your own schedule

  • No traveling required/no travel costs

  • Re-visit weekly online training sessions and receive feedback

  • No missed classes

  • Whole family can get involved


  • Submit your training videos and receive feedback

  • Custom lesson plans for Private Training/Behavior consultations

Fun & effective learning environment 

  • Force free training sessions

  • Enjoyed by all family members 

  • Easy to follow instructions

Suitable for all dogs

  • No age limitations

  • Suitable for nervous, anxious and reactive dogs (no other dogs or unknown people in the room!)

  • Behavior consults- you can record your dogs behavior and send it to me to review and provide feedback during your 1:1 session.

What next?

Request a 20 minute zoom consultation to get started. 

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Going for a Walk

Day Stay Training

Limited to Freeport Illinois 

Let me teach your pup some manners while you work. Drop off your pup in the morning and pick them up at night. Get all day 1:1 attention from a professional dog trainer.

This is ideal for those needing to review some basic obedience commands such as; walking nicely on a leash, no jumping, no barking, recall, leave it, and much more.  


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